"I'm traveling a long road and I've broken my GPS (it had it coming) but I thank God for my faithful guides, namely my wife Lana and Eli & Anna; without whom I would not know where to go or what to do...imagine that."


'Sweet Love' Album Review:
"It’s a great listening record, as I find “Train of Regret” to be a song I like to put on when I am driving a long flat line across miles of passing trees, as if I was on that train. The title track, SWEET LOVE opens with a line of clarity, and hooks you immediately. FINALLY is the word that gets your attention and the rest of the statement about the joke being not that funny sets up the rest of the song. THEN you are lifted as the chords change and the projection of the words gets louder. The subtlety of the harmony in the work LOVE compliments the statement almost softening the moment again, keeping everything in check and reminds you it IS a love song. Mike Sharp, all on his own, in all of the songs brings such a clear message that is to the point and the metaphors he uses are understandable. Everyone can relate or grab onto something in all of the songs because they are about real things and real experiences. Simply put, this is a GREAT record...”
~ Mike Males, My Rural Radio


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